Editorial Services


At Books Unleashed we know all the ins and outs needed to publish your book


If you have a manuscript you would like to publish inexpensively as an e-book and / or in printed form, let Books Unleashed do the job for you.

We are based in Australia and understand the publishing business thoroughly.

We have the professionals to help you at each step of the way.

We are not a "vanity publisher" who charges a lot and returns little.

Our services cover everything you need to convert your manuscript into a beautiful e-book and / or print copy book for your readers to enjoy.

We will also place your e-book on the major sales sites where your readers can purchase it.

We can also print any number of "hard" copies for you to give or sell to friends, relatives, book reviewers and general readers.


Our editors can check your grammar, punctuation and spelling to ensure that your manuscript is polished to a high professional standard.

If you would like your manuscript to be assessed prior to publication, we can prepare a detailed report on your work. This would include elements such as content, presentation and chapter breakdown for non-fiction, and plot structure, narrative arc and characterisation for fiction.

We can supply an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and CiP (Cataloguing-in- Publication) information to allow your book to be listed in library databases around the world.

We will prepare the imprint page for your book (which includes ISBN, CiP, moral rights statement, copyright notice, legal disclaimer, author, designer and publisher details, design and printer credits etc.

We will get you a barcode (essential for hard copy sales) and a QR code (so that your readers can connect to your website or contact details by using their smart phones to scan the QR symbol on the back of your book.